26 March 2010

the starting point

hye there, assalamualaikum..

this is just the intro session okey, start.

i create this blog to just say and express what i might not be able to say if my identity is known. i just want to have a peaceful blog without anyone knowing me, who i am, what am i, and what so ever. to create this kind of blog has been my intention since a long time ago. i'm happy to let my identity unidentified by anyone. because i know that if no one know me here, i can tell everything i want without any worry. seriously, i'm happy to have this blog, creating this makes me feel like; ouhhh, i'm gonne feel better next time. about 80-90% better than before. i really want to tell everything my heart want to say. what i'll write here will be what my true heart'll be saying. it'll not be kept anymore. the real me'll present here by words. and that words'll represent me.

i'm just an ordinary person. female. age about 20. live in selangor near putrajaya. studying at pj in an islamic surrounding matriculation centre. i'm happy to have everyone i know by my side because without them, i might not be able to experience so much things like what i've discovered. my style; smile. hha.

i think that's all are enough right? so i'm saying goodbye everyone. daaaa~


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