26 March 2010

my english? hahha.

okey, hahha i would like to tell you readers that one of my reason to keep my real identity is because i don't want to get embarrased because of my poor english. you know what, i'm the type of person who easily become nervous of any mistake i've done. i'll think about it most of the time till i can't focus on any other work. like my english use, everytime when i started writing in english, i'll always wonder; will my grammar use be alright? they know me, so i'll be laughed by them because of my poor and bad english.

guess what, i feel really bad about this. so by having this blog with no one knowing me, i can use english with free-thinking. no need to think about what my friends would say about me or what so ever. hahha, what a laughable attitude. i'm actually a bit weird person; if you know me.

i admit here that my english is really bad. but i like to try doing something i'm bad at. so just try to understand my writing. if they're hard to be understood, then i'm kindly say sorry. hehhe.

bye bye

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