30 March 2010

ha ha hai rainy day

hallo there
it's raining here

i'm planning to go to 'pasar malam' after this about 5.00 pm with my roommates; only if the rain stop. if not, maybe at 6.00 pm? hhmm, i'm not so sure. i'm just planning and Allah is the One Who'll decide for me. and i always believe that anything happened at the past must have their own reason. Allah Knows the Most. wallahua'lam.

anyway, alhamdulillah my quiz mark was a bit satisfied. but i'll still make the best for the second quiz this friday. i want FULL mark, FULL!

scared? yes of courselah. ahahha, siapa tak takut tu memang bagus betullah. biarlah, yang penting saya sendiri takut. bila takutlah kita akan usaha yang terbaik untuk dapatkan yang terbaik. so kesimpulannya, i'm comfortable with this 'scared feeling'. hha.

okey, wanna sleep for a while because my eyes are just like going to close by themselves in about 1 minute kemudian (kenapa tak 5 saat je?), whatever. so i wish you all have a happy day!

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